The Executive

Astrid Mondesir

Astrid Mondesir: PRESIDENT

Started as a Student Pharmacist and now holds a BSc. in Pharmacy and a BSc. in Chemistry with a minor in Biochemistry. She has been in the Pharmacy Services for 28 years and has been a member of the Pharmaceutical Association of St Lucia Inc. for 20 years.





Introduced to Pharmacy in 2007 as a student at the Victoria Hospital, Troy later attended the Barbados Community College. There he served as Vice President of the Pharmacy student body. Upon returning to St Lucia he practices as a community Pharmacist and is actively involved in the Pharmaceutical Association of St Lucia.

Lola Marcellin

Lola Marcellin: TREASURER

Lola started her career in Pharmacy in the United Kingdom.  She obtained her bachelor’s in Pharmacy in New York and has practiced pharmacy in the United Kingdom, New York, Canada and St. Lucia.  She has been involved in the training of pharmacy interns and pharmacy technicians.  She has held positions on the Association’s executive and currently serves on the Pharmacy Council of St. Lucia.

Earmin Shangoo

Earmin Shangoo: SECRETARY

A dedicated and committed Pharmacist with an avid interest in enhancing the profession of Pharmacy in St Lucia. She has been a member of the Pharmaceutical Association of St Lucia since 2007.



Allison Mentore


Allison is a University of Guyana graduate who began her practice at the St Joseph’s Mercy Hospital in Guyana and now works as a community Pharmacist in St. Lucia. She formerly served on the Executive in the capacity of Public Relations Officer.




Started her career as a Pharmacy Technician at the Victoria Hospital. Upon returning to St. Lucia from her studies at the Barbados Community College, she currently holds the position of Registered Pharmacist within the Public Service. She is actively involved in the Pharmaceutical Association of St. Lucia serving as member of the Fundraising and Social Committee.



Agnes St. Paul


A Pharmacist for over twenty-six years who is keen on health and development.